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We have recently had many boxes of great gardening books donated to the Club as members and friends downsize.  We thought we could integrate them into our library, but… our library of books, magazines and DVDs, stored in the cupboards at St Luke’s, is already rarely utilised – certainly not over the past year.  The Committee has now made the decision to disband this facility.

Librarian, Celia Nicol and John Edmonds are looking for helpers to mount a book sale table at one of the Festival venues.  This will be a one-off effort.  What isn’t sold in October will be donated-on, or dumped (recycled).  We hope to raise a chunk of money for our Berry Beautification Fund* to supplement the proceeds from plant sales.

We are now inviting more donations of decent, saleable garden books to add to the stock on hand.  Bring them along to a meeting.      Please NB: Decent, saleable garden books.

Potential helpers kindly contact:


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