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Winners at the Show

A number of Garden Club members were awarded prizes at the Berry Show on the last weekend in January.

Congratulations to …

Libby Baker – Betty Miles Memorial Ribbon for Best Container of Pentas, Pot Plants, Needlework, Crochet & Knitting

Sandra Berner – Decorative Flowers, Jams & Spreads, Photography

Cheryl Bowker – Cooking

Carol Hampson – Cut Blooms, Pot Plants, Cooking, Jams & Spreads

Ian Keenan – Art (painting)

Barbara Maurer – Cut Blooms, Pot Plants, Needlework

Owen Paton – Fruit

Pam Rabbidge  – Cut Blooms

Robyn Simonds – Vegetables, Photography

Jenny Swan – Decorative Flowers

Pat Vassallo – Pot Plants

Our thanks to all Garden Club members who contributed to making a fine display.

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