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In 1993 Eric Hansen led an expedition into the steaming jungles of Borneo to find the world’s rarest orchid. Five years later he was still on the trail of the true story behind one of nature’s strangest plants and humanity’s greatest obsessions.

Orchid Fever is a seductive journey into the mesmerizing world of orchids.  From the Orinoco River to the hothouses of Kew, and from the clandestine nurseries of Europe to the peat bogs of northern Minnesota, this is a tale of orchid smugglers, fist fighting botanists, visionary breeders, murder, corruption, and government officials who raid orchid nurseries with attack dogs and automatic weapons.  Strange tales of insect pollinator fidelity and the orchid ice cream makers of Eastern Turkey are blended with haunting stories about a wide range of gentle people whose passion in life is the creation of scented, fragile flowers.

Funny, weird, poignant and completely unputdownable, Orchid Fever is an exhilarating journey to the heart of an orchidaceous darkness.

This could be one of our sauciest offerings to date.  Please let Celia know if you would like to join the reservation queue, as this one is sure to be a winner!  For a list of all the books, CDs and DVDs in the library.  To access the full list in the library members should go to the Members Page and click on the list.

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