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This month in the garden

Hazel King says that now is the ideal time to check deciduous shrubs and trees.  Prune any damaged or crossing branches, and also for shape.  Do not prune plants whose spring flowers originate from wood made after flowering the previous year.

Rake up leaves and put them on your garden beds for mulch or put them in your compost.  Take care not to pile leaves up around the trunks of your trees or shrubs as they can be affected by rot, especially in damp weather.

In the vegetable garden, add manure and compost ready for spring planting.

Sow seeds of spring vegetables and flowering annuals, direct to the garden or into seed boxes.

Many native plants are looking their best in July/August, this is a great time for a walk in bushland and national parks.  Make a note of plants you would like in your garden, Wattles, Banksias, Grevilleas – then find a sunny spot for a cuppa.

Thanks, Hazel.

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