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Lorraine Heath is the person-in-the-know when it comes to Camellias, especially the Berry Camellia and Floral Show.

If you are keen to be part of this year’s event, here are some handy tips from Lorraine.

Firstly have a good look at your bush a few days before the Show.  If you spot a likely looking bloom that is starting to open, check to see if any leaves or branches are in a position to damage it.  If there are, you can either peg them away from the bloom with laundry pegs, or cut the offending leaf or branch off.

On the day before, or the morning of the Show, cut your bloom leaving on about 3-4cm of stem. You only need two leaves left with the bloom but if either of them are damaged or discoloured, they can be replaced with a pinned on good leaf off the bush.  Put some torn up damp newspaper in a box or tray and gently place your blooms on top.  You will need to know the name of the bloom but if you don’t, bring it along on the morning of the Show and there should be someone there who can name it for you.

You can bench your blooms from 7am until 9.30am on Saturday, 5 August.  There is always someone who can give you some advice on how to find the correct class and how to present them.

Lorraine will be handing out Show schedules at the July Garden Club meeting to those who wish to exhibit or you can phone Lorraine on 4464 2061 and we can arrange to get a schedule to you.

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