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In the Garden in October with Hazel King

Weeding is a continual chore…AND not easy to do.  Roots are held by heavy soil and soil clings to roots.

An annual nuisance is winter grass, Poa annua, widespread across Australia.  Recommended for control are herbicides containing Propyzamide, a pre-emergent and post-emergent chemical which pre – prevents, post – kills.  Check the life cycle of winter grass and you will realise why it is such a successful weed.  Also check regarding its safe use on your grass.  OK for buffalo.

Lawn grasses are delaying their growth, waiting like gardeners for sunny, warm days.  Do not fertilise until new growth seen.

Many deciduous trees remain leafless causing concern to some gardeners.  Weather is so unpredictable, little sun, many cold nights.

Continue to aerate soil around special plants; do not add mulch to wet soil.

Pot up flowering annuals, they can be placed in the garden or kept in sheltered positions during heavy downpours.  Note weight of pot and wet soil.

Check vegetables regularly for fungal problems.  Treat with a recommended product.  Keep leaves from soil by applying sugar cane mulch.

Nurseries are overflowing with flowering plants, very tempting to gardeners.  If your soil is too wet for planting, enjoy your purchase by leaving it on verandah or deck until dry weather appears.

NO, I am unable to tell you the date of that happening.

When visiting the festival gardens, spend time looking at design, the use of landscape materials, trees, shrubs and groundcovers.


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