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In the Garden in July – Hazel King

Rain and more rain.  I thought about selling my hoses, however could find no buyers.

Lots of plants have been lost and many are suffering.  Under present conditions it is impossible to aerate the soil.  Remove mulch from soil.  Dig up precious plants where possible, place in pots with new potting mix, place on verandahs or in bush/propagation houses.  Perhaps some pots can be brought indoors until weather improves.  Laundry or bathroom could be useful.

Flowering locally, deciduous magnolias are beginning their flowering season.  Berry district is fortunate to have many mature specimens, time to choose one for your garden.  It’s also Camellia japonica flowering time, these shrubs and trees are looking very healthy, the weather does not appear to have caused them much distress, however flowers will be damaged by continuous wet conditions.  Hopefully conditions improve prior to the club’s Camellia & Floral Show.

Wattles, Grevilleas, Banksias, Gymea Lilies and a few natives are at their peak flowering period.  There is a wattle in flower every day of the year in Australia, of course not the same species and perhaps not in your area.  August/September are the months you are most likely to see the golden blooms in this part of Australia.  The Hume Highway to Canberra is a golden highway in August.

Lawns have suffered most of this year.  Continuous rain has turned slightly acidic soil more acid, a condition unfavourable for lawn grasses.  NOTE: moss growth is a sure sign of acidic soil.  Grass blades have grown lank, when mowing has been possible grass near the soil surface is weak and yellow in colour.  Lots of attention will be required in spring/early summer.

Brighten up the dull scene, plant flowering annuals in pots.  These can be placed in the most favourable position.  Our local nurseries have a wide selection.  Violas and pansies are particularly attractive, smiling despite inclement weather.  HKOAM

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