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Happiness with Hellebores

Ingrid Nemetz became involved with plants when she married into the Nemetz family.  Her father-in-law had established a nursery that specialised in fruit trees in North Richmond, New South Wales in the 1950s.  When he passed away twenty plus years later, Ingrid took on the Nursery and her horticultural adventure began.

At first, Ingrid grew a range of plants and was involved with the Nurserymen’s Association becoming only the second woman to be a member – the first being Valerie Swane.   These days, of course, there are many more women involved.

Ingrid then became fascinated with Hellebores – fell in love with them, in fact – and so decided to specialise.  That was over 25 years ago and Ingrid continues to select the best plants from which to breed Hellebores to sell to the public.

Ingrid regularly gives talks on Hellebores during the winter months and the Garden Club is delighted to welcome her as our guest speaker at our next meeting on Tuesday 21 July at 7.30pm in St Luke’s Church Hall, Princess Street in Berry.

Guests and members are most welcome to come along to hear Ingrid speak of these rather shy and beautiful plants.

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