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Festival feedback

Well, it’s over … until next year, that is … and Berry really gave the crowds the full spectrum of Festival experience.

During the four days, our eight beautiful gardens were presented to the world in what seemed (at times) like four different seasons of the year.  This certainly created a mix of experiences for the visitors who enjoyed the gardens in misty rain and blustery breezes, under grey skies and, on Sunday, in sweet sunshine.

So, as with all good events, it’s now time to reflect on what we did well, what worked and what didn’t.  Can we add something for next year ? Or maybe bring back something that you enjoyed some years ago?  What made it a good experience for you ? and what else did you need?

Of course, the volunteers on the gates will be reporting back the comments you made to us over the Festival but, if you would like to let us know about something particular that you feel would contribute to keeping the Festival vibrant into the future, we would be pleased to hear from you via the Contact page on this website where there is a spot specifically for comments.  These will be forwarded to the Festival Co-ordinator.

A huge thank you to all the visitors who travelled near and far to support the Festival and our thanks to garden club members who were involved – some in a big way while others just a little.  It all goes toward making the event successful for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Festival feedback”

  1. Didn’t the garden owners work hard to get their properties looking great. The hours of work and the $$$s involved ensured the crowds loved them all. Congrats to the owners. And thanks. Now… put your feet up for a short while.

  2. Our garden visit was made particularly easy by the volunteers at the gates and entry to the parking area. Helps to make an outing with little ones as smooth as possible! Congrats to all involved in organising the event.

  3. Fabulous festival, grand gardens and a special thanks for the club’s own plant stall raising money for the benefit of members.
    A request for a prominent position and inmproved signage for 2015

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