Berry & District Garden Club is delighted to present a diverse programme of guest speakers, garden visits and lots of information opportunities for its members and guests in 2023. Everyone is invited to join to the Garden Club meeting held on the third Tuesday of each month so please join us on Tuesday 17th October, 2023, at 7:30 pm for our next meeting.

We are also keeping in touch through our newsletter, Facebook page and Instagram.  Please join us, let us know what you are doing in your garden.

Members of the Garden Club are most welcome to attend Committee meetings, which are held on the first Tuesday of each month (between February to November).


The Committee for 2023-2024 is:

President:           Denis O’Shea
Vice President: Brian Warnest
Secretary:           Margaret Street
Treasurer:           Mary Seelis
Committee:        Stephen Buzacott,  Lauren Cunio, Celia Nicol,  unfilled vacancy

We offer our grateful thanks to outgoing Comittee Members Bob Croker, Jacqui Lyne and Debra Wooster for their work over the years on the committee.



September Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker is local macro photographer and documentary filmmaker Nic van Oudtshoorn.

His talk, “Marvels and Monsters of the Backyard Jungle”, is lavishly illustrated with photographs and video clips and will appeal to anyone interested in the garden.

“Because they are so tiny, most of us never get to enjoy the fascinating lives of the vast number of insects and spiders that thrive in our gardens,” says Nic, who teaches macro photography at Wollongong WEA and other community colleges.

“During the talk we meet insect fathers that bring up the babies, wasps that air-condition their homes, butterflies that turn ants into drug addicts, larvae that travel underwater using jet propulsion, caterpillars that can grow instant horns, and many other amazing creatures.”

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