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Recycling … do the right thing.

Do you put household rubbish in your recycling bin ?

Do you put green waste in your garbage bin ?

Our Guest Speaker for the April 21 meeting is Fiona Schreurs, Resource Recovery Project Co-ordinator with the Waste Services Department of the Shoalhaven City Council.

Fiona’s talk will be on “Waste Minimisation in the Shoalhaven”.  That is, how to ensure we are all doing the right thing for the future of our planet and population.

Fiona is sure to have all the answers to the many questions that arise from this topic.  As well as being able to dispel a few myths about recycling, she will provide up-to-date information to help us make the right decisions where waste is concerned.

As her audience will be made up of gardeners, Fiona will devote some of her talk to composting.

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