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In the garden this month with Hazel King

July 2017

Some plants may need watering, particularly on windy days, also check potted plants.

Use lukewarm water on indoor plants.  Move away from any heat sources.

Cyclamens are popular flowering plants for winter decoration.  Put outside at night, in a sheltered position away from morning sun.

Chrysanthemums and Poinsettias are termed ‘short day plants’, they show off their attractions in winter, Chrysanthemums for their flowers and Poinsettias their coloured leaves.

Take hardwood cuttings when pruning deciduous plants.

Yates has released a new seed packet – Cottage Garden.  The packet contains a selection of favourites.

Examine citrus trees, they may be affected by Citrus gall wasp.  It is easy to identify the swollen section, with holes clearly visible where the wasp has entered.  Cut off the affected section – do not put in compost bin.  Place in clear plastic bag, if possible leave in sun for a few days before placing in garbage bin.

One thought on “In the garden this month with Hazel King”

  1. Hi Hazel
    I have some camellias with pale leaves. Sent a pic to Garden Clinic and they advised it’s a virus and nothing to be done except feed lightly and deep irrigate with seaweed then prune one third after flowering and put in bin. Maybe you could spread the word.
    Thanks Catherine

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