Berry Gardens Festival

Eight beautiful gardens in and around Berry on the South Coast of New South Wales open to the public to enjoy and appreciate.

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Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 October, 2017.
From 10am to 4pm daily on festival days only.
On sale at all gardens and Apex Park.
$20 for all eight gardens (may be used over the four days).

$5 for individual gardens (pay at each garden).

Free for children under 18.
Not permitted.
Available at or near all the gardens.
Wheelchair access may be limited in some gardens.
Available at some gardens
Toilets are available at Apex Park, Mark Radium Park, Berry Showground and Alexandra Street (disabled accessibility).
Club plant sales:

A must-see event

Thousands of visitors come to Berry every year to enjoy the Berry Gardens Festival, the must-see event on the New South Wales South Coast.

Each year, eight gardens around Berry and the surrounding district are selected for their design, plant varieties and creativity. From vast rural landscapes to small cottage gardens in the town, there is always something new and inspiring to see.

Each Festival raises thousands of dollars for local charities and not-for-profit groups.  Over the past 26 years, these funds have enabled the purchase of vital equipment, supported health and community programmes and enriched the lives of many in need.

The 2017 Festival will be held from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th October.


2016 Gardens

Garden #1 - 20 Tullouch Road, Broughton Vale

Tulloch Rd, New South Wales, Australia

Libby & Frank Baker
'Elizabeth Park'

Garden #2 - 151 Bong Bong Road, Berry

151 Bong Bong Road, Berry, New South Wales, Australia

Jennifer Swan & John Hudson

Garden #3 - 209 Bong Bong Road, Berry

209 Bong Bong Road, Berry, New South Wales, Australia

Margaret & Ted Street

Garden #4 - 10 Coolaroo Place, Berry

10 Coolaroo Place, New South Wales, Australia

Doreen & Glenn McGregor
'Berry Beach Holiday House'

Garden #5 - 15 Coolaroo Place, Berry

15 Coolaroo Place, New South Wales, Australia

Carol & John MacDonald

Garden #6 - 45 Roxborough Road, Far Meadow

45 Roxbrough Rd, Far Meadow, NSW, Australia

Robin & Keith Houston
'Tale Quale'

Garden #7 - 66 Victoria Street, Berry

66 Victoria Street, Berry, New South Wales, Australia

Kay Ison

Garden #8 - 60-62 Queen Street, Berry

60-62 Queen Street, Berry, NSW, Australia

David Farthing
'Bel Air'

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